A Glimpse into the Trump Campaign: A Closer Look

Exploring the Changing Landscape of American Politics
Republican National Convention 2016

The Republican Party is going through a change. Even some Congress and Senate members still have yet to join the Trump bandwagon. The fact is that, one by one, other candidates pulled out, and Trump is the frontrunner. Considering the options, it would be good if the Republican party members finally decided to stand in unity to ensure Trump is the one to sit in the Oval Office in January.

Senator Jeff Sessions, who nominated Trump, said how this country has gotten off course, how terrorism is on the rise and Trump is the only answer. He added that Trump “loves this country and is determined to see it be a winner again… he has the strength and courage and will to get it done.”

It was Donald Trump Jr. who cast the vote for the New York delegation that ensured his father’s candidacy. Standing with his siblings, he announced “Congratulations, Dad. We love you.” Brother Eric knows never to “underestimate my father.” Tiffany Trump spoke eloquently about how she has kept every report card since kindergarten, so she can continue to read the comments her father wrote on each day. Even though divorced from her mother, Marla Maples, for most of Tiffany’s 22 years, her father has always been involved. On any given day at least one of Donald Trump’s children are with him, whether making a business deal or playing a round of golf. His schedule is packed, but he has always made time for his children and is very much a part of their lives. That humanistic side makes him a lot more approachable than other politicians and millionaires. He is not doing it just to be captured by reporters and photographers but because he is a loving, supportive parent. Hopefully, that family lifestyle will become more common again all over this country.

Ben Carson says it is time to “take America back,” so although those on the left say this phrase used by Trump refers to white supremacy, how is this true from Carson’s lips? Carson also speaks about bringing G-d back into the classroom and our lives. He recalls how every coin and bill says “In G-d we trust,” and Donald Trump will continue making sure we don’t forget this link, which is something that some people on the left want to alleviate. Maybe if we put G-d back into our lives and schools, our children will be raised with more positive virtues. Add parents who care and are involved in their children’s lives, and this country can return to our positive roots. On that Donald Trump agrees.

Entertainment Tonight hosts were commenting on how Melania Trump was wearing a tailored outfit like Princess Kate and took make-up lessons from the Kardashians. Between Melania’s own modeling career and being married to a real estate mogul, she knows how to dress. Her hair and makeup are always perfect, and she has no need to copy other reality TV stars who have far less class. Even if a speechwriter copied a few sentences, what came out clear and sincere was her devotion and love for her husband. She is not a wife hoping to become the President in the future. Okay, she can’t, because she was not born here, but she does not want to hold any public office. Melania Trump will certainly make a very classy first lady who will be able to converse with other world leaders easily. In fact, she may be able to speak to them in their native tongue, as besides English she is fluent in Slovenian, Serbian, German and French.

There is no doubt that this could be the most disgusting, mud-slinging Presidential race in history. Hillary Clinton is quick to say how Trump will be the worst President ever — how he has “no self-discipline, no self-control, no sense of history, no understanding of the limits of the kind of power that any president should impose upon himself.”

Whether we agree with everything Trump stands for or not, there are some things that can’t be denied. Trump has not been using the incorrect e-mail account. Trump has not been receiving millions of dollars from countries like Qatar, Kuwait, Brunei, Oman and the United Arab Emirates who enslave women and young children. Trump hotels, casinos and golf courses do not employ young children who are forced into labor rather than attending school. Trump has not allowed members of US armed forces, CIA operatives and consular service individuals to be killed overseas. He does not ignore security measures and would make sure all our Embassies and Consulates have proper security details. He would also make sure to punish anyone who takes an innocent life. If a US citizen is killed by terrorists in France or Israel, President Trump will acknowledge the loss.

Trump says he wants to secure our borders, and while some call it racism, many call it reality. The US unemployment rate is about 5 percent, which means several million receive benefits every single day of the year. Add the several million living on Social Security and Disability and the pot is running dry. Although laws state that one must “pay into” the system to be able to collect, there are all too many who have figured out ways to collect, and no agency is looking into this fact enough. So how can we open our southern border or allow in tens of thousands of refugees many of whom are unskilled, unemployed and not native English speakers? Add the fact that there is no system in place to truly scrutinize every immigrant to make sure we are not allowing in terrorists, and Donald Trump has a point.

Trump will renegotiate Obama’s horrific Iran deal and surely won’t be handing over hundreds of millions to possible terrorists, people who are against not only the US but Israel. Trump may decide to try to negotiate with Israel and Palestinian Arabs, however, using tactics he often uses in a boardroom. If a peaceful negotiation is impossible (being that the Arab League has yet to accept any offer), then Trump will not ignore Israel. It does not matter if Trump has donated to the FIDF in the past. What does matter is that he supports the Jewish State. He will not let others destroy our birthright, our homeland. Imperfect or not, Donald Trump is the only viable candidate for anyone who is a proud Jew and Zionist.

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