Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt: A Jewish/Israeli Creation

Amit Kleinberger Menchies

Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt is the best place for a sweet kosher treat.

Opening their doors in 2007 in Valley Village, a popular suburban area for young Jewish families, Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt was actually started by a Jewish husband and wife team Danna and Adam Caldwell. In fact, it all began from their first date—going out for frozen yogurt. When Adam thought “menchie” meant “blessing,” the confused name stuck, and here we are. But where are we exactly?

After receiving overwhelming support from the local community and its desire to franchise, the Caldwells agreed it was time to expand, and called upon the expertise of Elie Balas and Amit Kleinberger in 2008. This all occured just a year after opening their doors.

Bringing age and experience, Chairman of the Board Elie Balas is also the Executive Director of environmental consulting company Ami Adini & Associates, Inc.

Chief Executive Officer Amit Kleinberger has a bit more of a dramatic story, such as almost being run over by a hijacked bus back when he served in the Israeli army.

As a veteran and graduating from commanders and sergeants school, Kleinberger proves his leadership skills and ambitious business savvy by owning a glass distribution company and another chain of stores of (no not some other dessert) cellular communications.

Moreover, by owning an assisted living facility, Kleinberger emphasizes putting heart into your company, by taking care of customers, for as he teaches:

Everything we do is focused on the why… Growth is a result of doing the right thing and the right time with the right people, and if all those things are right, that’s when the magic happens

Amit Kleinberger

So if you’re going to take your special lady somewhere to keep her as sweet as she is, why not support your Jewish community while you’re at it—support Israel, it’s a sweet deal…

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