Covering Jewish Life in Orange County

Whither objective journalism?

At a recent Shabbat lecture at University Synagogue, journalist Joel Kotkin discussed media bias. In his opinion this issue is not limited to mainstream media. It crosses party lines and

The Story of Purim

A long time ago in a galaxy not too far away, the Persians would have gotten away if it weren’t for princess Esther… The Germans weren’t the first to try

Always Inspiring

“Kol Isha” is a double entendre meaning both “every woman” and “woman’s voice.” The Kol Isha Shabbat Service (KISS) in the Sidney Eisenberg Chapel at Temple Beth El on February

Ethical and Moral Behavior

Ethics is the philosophical study of moral values and rules based on what is right from wrong. Morals is the standard of behavior, to act accordingly to the principles of

Amazing Mitzvah

Today was an incredible day for our community and especially for our children! Here is the story behind the idea of today’s event… Last year I had the privilege of

Murder the Messenger?

University Synagogue will hold its annual Biblical trial, “The People vs. the Sailors for Attempted Murder” The Biblical trial of “The Book of Jonah: The People vs. the Sailors for

Global Attraction: TVT Film Festival

When the TVT Film Festival opens its doors on March 30 at the Port Theater in Corona del Mar, it will screen films representing the best works of filmmakers from

Why anti-Semitism?

As of this writing, 100 anti-Semitic threats had targeted institutions in the U.S. and Canada in 2017. On Monday, February 27, alone, there were 30 bomb threats in 18 states

Arbors and Hope

Tu B’Shevat, the 15th of Shevat is the Jewish Arbor Day in the land of Israel.  This year the holiday begins at sundown on Friday, February 10, and lasts through

The Real Importance Of Finding Yourself

Growing up in a home of Bal Teshuva; although not preferred, my life choices were respected. Often there were times someone from my large family of nine children would comment