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Quiz: How well do you know Purim?

Prepare for the masquerade season by testing your memory on the famous Persian Jewish story.
In what city did the story of Purim occur?
Image 500
According to the Talmud, a person on Purim should drink until:
Image 505
Purim spiels / plays originated in the 15th century in:
Image 506
The Book of Esther is read from a scroll. This scroll is called a:
Image 503
The King in the story of Purim was:
Image 497
The feast for Achashverosh’s nobles and officials lasted:
Image 504
What powerful object was passed from the King to Haman and, later, from the King to Mordechai?
Image 502
Who was queen of Persia before Esther?
Image 499
Purim means:
Image 501
Esther had another name, what was it?
Image 498
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