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When trying to bring in your own food, for diet reasons or just so you don’t overspend on sugar water, Disneyland can be worse than the airport. It’s impossible to hide anything. So, you have to get a locker, which is inconvenient to say the least. Or…?

Disneyland may have killed off LucasArts, but it’s getting better at keeping their visitors happy. Nowadays you can go to almost any food vender and simply ask—what’s kosher? Not only do they know what you’re talking about, but they won’t turn you away—Disneyland’s (sorta) kosher!

One of the most iconic foods at Disneyland is the Mickey Mouse ice cream—a basic vanilla ice cream coated in chocolate in the shape of three circles, one on the base and two for those iconic ears. It’s great not feeling left out at the happiest place on earth. Plus, with all that sugar, you’ve regained your energy back.

For real food, you can now request kosher meals. However, there are rules—you must do so at least 24 hours before arriving, and note that not all restaurant locations play ball, but it’s easy enough to find out when sending your kosher meal request.

Call (714) 781-DINE (3463) to request Kosher meals at the Disneyland Resort.

There are exceptions to the 24 hour rule at select quick-service locations at both Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park, including:

Available Kosher foods may include: hamburger, hot dog, chicken, beef brisket, pizza, lasagna, mushroom crepe, vegetable pea soup, matzo ball soup, apple streusel dessert

Some Character Breakfast Locations offer a bundled Breakfast Entrée that includes a cheese omelet, fruit, breakfast Danish roll and a beverage.

For more information on special dietary requests at Disneyland, visit

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