Hamas is a terrorist organization

The attacks on Israel sheds light on a clear distinction.
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The Oct. 7 attack on Israel by Hamas serves as a stark reminder of the organization’s intent and objectives. Without ambiguity, Hamas is classified as a terrorist organization. The incident on Oct. 7, in which members of the group crossed the Israeli border with a clear motive to kidnap and murder civilians, exemplifies acts of terrorism.

Despite arguments highlighting Hamas’ political presence in Gaza, its actions clearly indicate the targeting of civilians for political purposes, which squarely aligns with the definition of terrorism.

Referring to such perpetrators as “militants” rather than terrorists carries significant implications. This terminology risks diminishing the severity of their actions, suggesting that there might be some justifiable, military context or that Hamas might be driven by a nobler purpose.

However, clarity is paramount: Hamas’ foundational charter seeks the destruction of Israel. Globally, significant entities like the United States, the European Union, the United Kingdom, and Canada have recognized and designated Hamas as a terrorist organization.

The continued commitment of Hamas to its foundational goals is evident, even despite revisions to its charter in 2017.

In the aftermath of the Oct. 7 attack, horrifying details emerged.

Members of Hamas invaded Israeli towns, brutally killing and abducting residents, and the terror did not stop there. They captured their deeds on camera, brazenly sharing the footage on various social platforms.

Official video evidence provided by the Israeli government depicts civilians executed in various parts of their homes.

A music festival, an epitome of peace and unity, became a scene of tragedy when terrorists killed 260 attendees and abducted an unspecified number.

Documented evidence, including images of murdered infants, serves as a gruesome testament to the brutality of the attack. Towns such as Be’eri witnessed the murder of over 100 residents, while many were abducted. In kibbutz Nir Oz, the death toll was at least 20, with around 80 individuals kidnapped.

U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, after evaluating the scale and intensity of the devastation, equated the acts committed by Hamas to the brutality previously observed with ISIS.

As an aftermath of the Oct. 7 assault, Hamas holds over 200 Israeli citizens hostage, with threats of execution should Israel retaliate.

The term “terrorism” unambiguously denotes the act of deliberately targeting civilians for political gains. Those responsible for such heinous acts are terrorists.

Labeling these acts or those behind them by any other term not only deviates from intellectual honesty but also veils the unvarnished reality of their malevolence.

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