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Temple Beth El

One Woman’s Journey to Be Featured During Service at TBE

The sixth of seven siblings, Vida Kohanteb emigrated from Shiraz, Iran to Poughkeepsie, New York when she was 16. Her journey as a Persian woman and as a Jew moving

B’Tzalel Arts Festival brings community together

When she was still living in Florida, Cantor Natalie Young had a dream about bringing “all the talented people together to explore the rich culture we have to offer, to

Always Inspiring

“Kol Isha” is a double entendre meaning both “every woman” and “woman’s voice.” The Kol Isha Shabbat Service (KISS) in the Sidney Eisenberg Chapel at Temple Beth El on February

Temple Beth El has a long history of innovation

“Temple Beth El has a long history of creating a congregation that reflects who we are, of creating a synagogue that meets the community members’ needs,” said Rabbi Rachel Kort,