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Start the Year with CSP

New years are always full of promise and potential. One of the best bets for kicking off the year is to attend the Community Scholar Program (CSP) One Month Scholar program. This year’s program is dedicated in Memory of Bobbi Cherry, z”l.

Prof. David Ruderman, Joseph Meyerhoff Professor of Modern Jewish History and formally Ella Darivoff Director of the Herbert D. Katz Center for Advanced Judaic Studies at the University of Pennsylvania, is the 16th Annual CSP One Month Scholar. He will present a series of talks on the topic, “Jewish History, Jewish Thought: A Journey through Space and Time” at various Orange County and Long Beach locations from January 3 to January 26, 2017.

According to Prof. Ruderman, “My lectures in Orange County all emerge from my own personal discovery of the Jewish past based on over forty years of research and teaching the subject. The cluster of subjects before you reflect some of my deepest concerns upon which I have written: The involvement of Jews with science, medicine, and the world of nature; the long and complex history of Jewish-Christian relations and how the latter have shaped the way we Jews see ourselves; the interaction of Jews and the urban experience; and both the glories and tragedies of the messianic impulse in Jewish history. My interest in the history of modern Jewish thought, in particular, is shaped by my own search for understanding contemporary Jewish faith.”

Prof. Ruderman said that one of his professional and personal heroes is European historian Natalie Zemon Davis. “When asked about what we can learn from history, she answered that teaching history is about telling human stories and especially about bringing forgotten or unknown people to life as a mother gives birth to a child,” he explained.

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The Orange County Jewish Community Scholar Program is celebrating its 16th year. It mission is to share the joy of Judaism, build community and celebrate our Jewish heritage with a rich adult education program and unique family experiences, according to Founder and Director Arie Katz.

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