Nonie Darwish provides insight on radical Islam


Nonie Darwish is an Egyptian-American who was raised Muslim but now considers herself Christian. She is a staunch, outspoken supporter of Israel and democracy. Many see her as a threat, an infidel, but the fact is that the world needs more such advocates for peace.

Nonie Darwish spoke at a recent ACT for America meeting. ACT’s main goal is to inform the public about radical Islam. Although many refuse to call it radical Islam, the recent atrocities across the globe are perpetrated by those who believe jihad is the way to deal with infidels. Their holy war inflicts damage on those who do not follow the same extremist doctrine, which is why it is not just Israel under attack, but Muslims across the Arab world. These radicals attack civilians, plant bombs and have no problem becoming martyrs. Islam means submission, and submitting their lives to Allah’s command is their greatest glory.

Islam violates the Ten Commandments, even the Seven Noahide Laws. In Islam it is permissible to lie, cheat and steal. A man can say he saw his wife with another man, and she will be out of his life. Men can rape a six-year-old without punishment. Darwish commented that if Islam allows people to lie about their sins, what kind of value system is being taught? How can there be peace with no morals?

Nonie Darwish was marked for death after converting to Christianity and speaking out against violence within Islam.

More than 50 percent of the Koran says it is permissible to slaughter other nations, to kill non-Muslims, so how can they live in peace with others? Judeo-Christian values preach loving one’s neighbor while Islam preaches about control. Hashem, our G-d, gave us free will, so that we do not follow corrupt leaders blindly, and so that we can make ethical decisions. Maybe that is why the US was founded on Judeo-Christian values and not Islamic rule that promotes vengeance and slaughter!

The Koran mentions the prophets Abraham, Moses and Jesus (yet claims the story is about Abraham and Ishmael, not Isaac). The Koran talks about the Hebrew land of Israel. So when did the Arab League decide it was not the Jewish homeland? When did all too many start to believe that the Temple Mount is not on ancient Israeli land?

When Darwish told her rather well educated aunt that Jews don’t eat pork, her aunt responded “they are like us” without realizing that Judaism and even Christianity preceded Islam. A Californian booklet even claims that Arabs discovered America and traded with Indians way before Columbus sailed. “Some even go as far to say that California means the land of “Califa” which in Arabic means “Islamic State.”

Nonie Darwish is not afraid to state the facts so many deny. She is not afraid to tell the citizens of the world that the refugee problem is a bigger issue than our politicians want to believe. Why is it that there are millions of refugees? Why is it that the oil-rich countries are not taking care of their own? Iran can easily afford to take in millions upon millions of Syrian refugees, peoples with the same language and culture. The Iranians already have large tent cities for where these refugees can live. Saudi Arabia has the resources to take in millions more.

Saudi Arabia, a land filled with nomadic tribes, discovered oil, and many wealthy sheiks live extraordinarily well while the majority live in squalor. These wealthy men have several homes and cars, but they treat their women as second class citizens. They don’t take in Syrian refugees but expect the rest of the world to open their borders. Where are their religious morals?

Darwish says that she has seen how people no longer accept Allah as their savior and guide but revere the tyrants of al- Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah and ISIS. These radical groups are the ones who want “refugees” to settle elsewhere, so they have followers everywhere. The advocates of hate have taken over for those who profess love. That is what they read in the Koran and what the illiterate hear from their imams and leaders.

In Now they call me Infidel, Darwish explains why Muslims do not want to comply with our democratic values. Omar Ahmed, the cofounder of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) said in 1998 that: “Those who stay in America should be open to society without melting, keeping mosques open so anyone can learn about Islam. If you choose to live here, you have a responsibility to deliver the message of Islam… Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any faiths but to be dominant. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on earth.”

Many of the Syrian refugees seeking asylum have old world mentalities. They want other governments to support them. They won’t learn the English language, so they won’t find employment. They will refuse to adapt to American culture, which means their daughters will continue to be genitally mutilated, raped and beaten. They will not follow the law about only having one wife by marrying one legally and having a houseful of “nieces and cousins.” Their tribal mentality and upbringing will reign supreme, so we will only see more vicious attacks like those in San Bernardino and Miami. We can’t claim that these are innocent teens seeking asylum when in Israel so many knife attacks are perpetrated by teenagers — sometimes even children of 10 years old.

Not all Muslims are bad, but where are the moderate imams and their followers? Are they so afraid to speak up, because they fear harm will be done to them or their family members? Nonie Darwish knows her life is at risk, that if she visited Egypt or Gaza where she spent her childhood, she would be murdered. Yet Nonie Darwish is not afraid to speak up, to speak for the people and against the crimes being perpetrated in the name of Allah.

There is no freedom of religion in the Arab League, no democratic voting, no equality for women. It is ironic that so many women on college campuses scream about how Israel treats Palestinian Arabs when across the rest of the Middle East these women would not be allowed to attend college, to drive cars, to go out unchaperoned. Gaza and the West Bank are not being desecrated by Israel but by the Arab League that makes them pawns. We have fought so hard for equality, but these women who choose to cover themselves up — even when their mothers and grandmothers do not — are in fact setting the clock back in time. How is covering yourself up a “badge of honor,” as Darwish says in her book.

Islam survives by violence; its followers punish those unwilling to submit, and America and Europe have enough problems without importing more. Darwish says that they are “pirates” who will destroy other lands as they have ruined their own. Is that what America needs?

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