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A Tribute to Emily

In a short time, Emily Neufeld made an impact on TVT students

When you go to a small private school, everyone knows everyone else, whether or not you’re in the same class.

Thankfully at TVT, it is one big family. When new kids come to school, they immediately have a new family and over 100 friends.

Emily Neufeld came to TVT this past year, 2015-2016. The moment she walked into school, she made a huge impact on everyone’s lives. She always had a smile on her face and made hilarious jokes that made everyone laugh.

I heard from a fellow cheerleader that Emily wanted to do cheer. As one of the cheer captains, I immediately texted her and got to know her. She didn’t join cheer in the end, but she did other sports and was extremely talented in every sport she played. She was one of the stars on the volleyball and soccer team. She was the girl to start all of the cheers on the bus and was the one who was there to comfort all of teammates when they didn’t win. She wasn’t even on the basketball team but went to almost every basketball game and cheered the team on, sometimes louder than the actual cheerleaders. She had more school spirit than most of the “lifers” at TVT.

Emily didn’t only have school spirit when it came to sports but also when it came to other activities. During our annual Purim Contest, she and her friend were some of the only people to lip sync and perform a very funny choreographed dance that made the whole school laugh uncontrollably.

I wasn’t so close with Emily. I ate lunch with her sometimes. What I did know about her in the short few months was that she was a motivated, strong, incredible, talented and beautiful person.

Emily left on her Poland/ Israel trip almost a month ago. The whole point of going from Poland to Israel is that you can see destruction to rebirth. Emily never got to see the rebirth. She was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Sadly, on June 26, we lost her. We lost one incredible person.

When I talked to her after she was diagnosed, her words were, “I’m so blessed to be in everyone’s prayers.” Emily was in everyone’s prayers. Now, we pray for her family. Rest in Paradise, Emily. Heaven gained a new angel, and I know you’ll still be cheering on all the sports teams.

You were at TVT for one short year but made a huge impact on everyone’s lives. I personally thank you for your friendship.