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Got a Date Who’s Sweeter than Chocolate?

Keep her that way by getting something sweet, and kosher, at Yogurtland

Practically the biggest kosher secret in Orange County, the ever abundant Yogurtland is actually kosher. It’s true. Why is it a secret? Well, it’s just that there are no certificates of kashrut hanging on the walls, like Coffee Bean often does, or any fine print at any store. However, check their website, and bam—kosher.


Here’s the deal. All the frozen yogurt and sorbets are 100% kosher. But that’s as far as it goes, because there are toppings that Yogurtland cannot guarantee are kosher to begin with. Don’t forget, there’s also cross contamination—there’s sprinkles in my mango!—so even if it was kosher to begin with, you can never really know… except with the frozen yogurt!

The reason why all the frozen goods are kosher is because they are made in a facility that is 100% kosher. Once shipped, it’s up to you to keep it that way.

Bonus—some flavors are not only sugar free, but actually parve. That’s right! You can get a dairy free dessert after a large meaty meal because most sorbets, if not all, are labeled “dairy free.”