Founder of Lulyboo is award-winning mompreneur


Lulyboo is certainly a labor of love for Pazit Ben-Ezri. She is a devoted mother who has spent the past few years finding solutions to make infants and toddlers more comfortable, thus putting parents more at ease. Born in Israel, she moved to Orange County with her husband, Nati, and their infant daughter in 2004. She gave birth to her fourth child less than 2 months ago, but nothing seems to slow her down. Pazit Ben-Ezri is one of the most dedicated, influential individuals I have ever had the pleasure to meet.

Not having a background in the “shmatta” rag business or merchandising, the Lulyboo CEO, founder and innovator is truly remarkable. Ben-Ezri took an idea and put the first model together with foam and safety pins. Gathering her thoughts while speaking to relatives and friends, she formulated each and every detail. Her creative juices continue to flow with new ideas that are comfortable, convenient and cost-effective. She is a truly inspirational entrepreneur.

Her award winning products have been recognized by The Baby Center Blog, Guguguru Blog, Entrepreneur Magazine. She won the Creative Child Magazine Top Choice Award and a SCORE mentor innovation award in 2014. Ben-Ezri has been nominated by the Orange County Business Journal for the 2016 Women in Business Award. She also earned a monetary award from the Irvine Chamber of Commerce for her vision and motivation.

I asked if she has ever faced controversy as a woman, a Jew and an Israeli. She says if anything it seems to have a positive impact on the young women she meets. Some may make comments about Jews being smart and always achieving. People also say how it is no wonder Jews succeed because they are so determined and resourceful. Ben-Ezri is not afraid to tell people that she did not speak much English when she came to the U.S. She faced many obstacles but had a vision. She continues to mentor and coach other women free of charge, taking tikkun olam and chesed to a new level.

“Don’t be afraid, take on challenges, take each day, look forward, learn from your mistakes, and you can achieve your goals.” – Pazit Ben-Ezri

The Baby Lounge-To-Go is listed on EBay as a top infant travel bed with fabrics that are machine washable, waterproof, soft and cozy like a mother’s womb. It is an ideal gift for every new parent or even grandparent. The products fold up into a convenient back pack and are light enough for even a young sibling to carry which promotes a sense of family responsibility. The product is ideal for indoor and outdoor activities.

The other Lulyboo products include:

The LulyZoo, a combination bassinet, travel bed, playmat and even a stuffed animal to cuddle. Time to welcome a comfortable zebra, hippo, elephant, ladybug or lion into your home for children up to age 3 this is the ideal item.

The Comfy Ride Set is a great addition to every stroller or car seat. It is reversible with soft straps that make your baby much more comfortable than the standard ones.

The Itty Bitty Changing Kit is a diaper bag and changing kit in one. It conveniently rolls up, holds diapers and a change of clothes. It means not having to carry around a heavy diaper bag and ideal to keep in a car or stroller. When it is time to change a diaper, the pocket becomes a pillow.

The Easy Roll-Up Blanket is “versatile and easy to carry”. It is ideal for travel or a day at the beach. Pick one up for each and every family member and maybe even some extra gifts for friends.

All items are available online from Amazon, Babies R Us, ByeByeBaby, Walmart, Target and Burlington Coat Factory.

Pazit Ben-Ezri has come a long way from the first ABC trade show she attended in 2008. She admits that she did not sell anything but that the show was a professional breakthrough. Soon she will travel to the Kind + Jugend Show in Cologne, Germany.

Ben-Ezri has certainly earned her Top Choice Award not only for her products but for her being. She tells others to “be a mom, have a passion and make a difference,” and she certainly does. In addition to her primary role as mompreneur, Pazit is involved with OC Israeli, Chabad of Irvine, the Orangewood Children and Family Center and other organizations. Kol haKavod for being such a positive role model to so many and for creating products that improve family life.

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