Changing your image improves your productivity

How nice would it be to walk into the office and have someone compliment you? You walk in, you’re happier, standing up straighter, have a bounce in your step. Things seem to go smoother and you have a positive attitude throughout the day.

What if I told you, that by changing the way you dress and present yourself, you will look and feel more confident and be more productive in your work and everyday life.

The way you dress impacts your attitude and the way people perceive you. A study done by Northwestern University, showed that when participants put on a lab coat and were told it was a doctors coat, they answered questions with more confidence and answered questions correctly. The participants confidence and level of productivity improved. When the same lab coat was given to the participants, and they are told that it is an artists coat, they were not as confident, nor as productive and scored a low average.

When you wear an item or an outfit that fits your body, is in a color that brings out your skin tone and makes you feel confident and happy, it will show, and your attitude throughout the day will improve. When you are confident, you are more productive and make better decisions. Who wouldn’t want that? Your boss may notice you and give you that promotion or give you a raise. Confidence is key and helps you to stand out in a positive way.

I work with clients to help them find their right fit, colors and style that best suits their image. The value of having the right stylist, is life changing. You should always be wearing your clothes or suit, not the other way around. It should be an enhancement and add to the confidence you already have within yourself. A good stylist should take into account your whole lifestyle, your size and shape, and the color and tone of your skin and hair. Once they have gathered this information, it is key that they understand your own personal likes and dislikes and talk about whether those styles work for you or not and why. I always educate my clients and together, we decide the game plan of their wardrobe. I want my clients to feel part of the process and to learn how to choose great pieces that they will enjoy wearing.

My clients find this process to be extremely helpful in carving out their image – one that fits them and they have had a hand in creating. I am not changing the person, rather, they are growing and developing into a new and improved version of themselves. A happier, more confident and productive person. One, ready to take on any task, or job given to them.

If you have any questions regarding my styling service, or what you should look for in a stylist, I would love to answer your questions and help you on a path of confidence and style.

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