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Why Are Some People Denying the Reality?

On December 6 President Donald Trump acknowledged something that most Israelis, most pro-Israel groups and many other people in the world have accepted as reality since 1949 by formally recognizing

Whither objective journalism?

At a recent Shabbat lecture at University Synagogue, journalist Joel Kotkin discussed media bias. In his opinion this issue is not limited to mainstream media. It crosses party lines and

Why anti-Semitism?

As of this writing, 100 anti-Semitic threats had targeted institutions in the U.S. and Canada in 2017. On Monday, February 27, alone, there were 30 bomb threats in 18 states

Seeking Security

Since January 20 the most talked-about topic in America is how far we should be going to protect our borders. Every Jew learns at an early age that “we were

Talking Turkey

The election day results shocked some people and mortified others. I learned what was happening while going from election site to election site as a roving troubleshooter. I heard a

Jews do their civic duty, no matter what

Ever since that day in 1960 when I watched a handsome, charismatic young senator from Massachusetts win the West Virginia primary – and then go on to win the Presidency

Elul gives us a month to prepare for the coming year

No matter when the Jewish holidays fall, there is always a certain newness about the fall. It is the beginning of the school year, full of new friends, new teachers,

Antics take focus off of real election issues

There are a few concepts that seem to have gone out of fashion in the 21st century. Among them are dignity, decency, decorum, appropriateness and civility. Some people have no

Republican Convention Is On

The Republican Party is going through a change. Even some Congress and Senate members still have yet to join the Trump bandwagon. The fact is that, one by one, other