The International Women’s Group wants to decolonize Israel. Then again, when a Palestinian-American like Linda Sarsour is the voice most often heard, what can we expect? A voice that claims to speak for women everywhere yet speaks harshly about the only democracy in a region that exemplifies horror, Sarsour says that no one can be […]

Ethical and Moral Behavior

Ethics is the philosophical study of moral values and rules based on what is right from wrong. Morals is the standard of behavior, to act accordingly to the principles of knowing right from wrong. The moral of a story is the lesson we learn, the meaning and lesson we take from it. Values are our […]

The Real Importance Of Finding Yourself

Growing up in a home of Bal Teshuva; although not preferred, my life choices were respected. Often there were times someone from my large family of nine children would comment on what I should be doing. I respected there belief, but not enough to persuade me to share the same lifestyle. It wasn’t until I […]

An Evening of Music and Charm

It was Chinese New Year 2017, at the world class Segerstrom Theatre of the Arts on the evening of Saturday January 28. The infamous Pacific Symphony and exuberant conductor Carl St. Clair led the many acts with grace and perfection. There were Chinese dancers, the youngest looking barely old enough to walk, let alone move […]

Life Saver

IsraAid, an Israel NGO dedicated to saving lives in disastrous situations, provides teams of professional medics, search and rescue workers and community builders who are often the first responders in times of crisis. Haiti, Japan, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Kenya and Uganda are only a few of the nations to which IsraAid has responded. In fact, […]

After the UN Vote

If Queen Elizabeth was invited to the UN on the honor of her memorable birthday and then US Congress invited her to speak at a special session, would anyone complain? In fact, I think the majority of the Senators would be in attendance too. If German Chancellor Merkel were attending a Smithsonian event that featured […]

Cutting-Edge Technology for Rehab and Fitness

Many able-bodied people started the year with resolutions about fitness. For wounded warriors and others who are confined to their beds or wheelchairs, maintaining fitness is both critical and challenging. One in five Americans has some sort of disability. Over 3.6 million veterans have a service-related injury. More than 30 million people have movement impairments. […]

Friends Don’t Let Friends Shop Retail

Many of us enjoy going to the mall, walking around, looking at all the new things to buy; where as many people just want to get in and out as fast as possible because the idea of being in the mall is overwhelming and unpleasant. Especialy around this time of year, when everyone is holiday […]

Change Your Look. Change Your Life.

How nice would it be to walk into the office and have someone compliment you? You walk in, you’re happier, standing up straighter, have a bounce in your step. Things seem to go smoother and you have a positive attitude throughout the day. What if I told you, that by changing the way you dress […]