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Robin Silver-Zwiren


The International Women’s Group wants to decolonize Israel. Then again, when a Palestinian-American like Linda Sarsour is the voice most often heard, what can we expect? A voice that claims

Ethical and Moral Behavior

Ethics is the philosophical study of moral values and rules based on what is right from wrong. Morals is the standard of behavior, to act accordingly to the principles of

Arbors and Hope

Tu B’Shevat, the 15th of Shevat is the Jewish Arbor Day in the land of Israel.  This year the holiday begins at sundown on Friday, February 10, and lasts through

An Evening of Music and Charm

It was Chinese New Year 2017, at the world class Segerstrom Theatre of the Arts on the evening of Saturday January 28. The infamous Pacific Symphony and exuberant conductor Carl

After the UN Vote

If Queen Elizabeth was invited to the UN on the honor of her memorable birthday and then US Congress invited her to speak at a special session, would anyone complain?

Life Saver

IsraAid, an Israel NGO dedicated to saving lives in disastrous situations, provides teams of professional medics, search and rescue workers and community builders who are often the first responders in

Standing Together 24/7 with Ari Fuld

Ari Fuld of Standing Together is someone who is there for those in the IDF who protect Israel 24/7. Ari’s dedication and energy seem to come from the Hungarian-born, Holocaust-surviving

Nonie Darwish provides insight on radical Islam

Nonie Darwish is an Egyptian-American who was raised Muslim but now considers herself Christian. She is a staunch, outspoken supporter of Israel and democracy. Many see her as a threat,

Israel, surrounded by enemies

A bright young boy is quietly reading a book during outside lunch recess. He is the smallest in his grade because he and his family value education so he has

Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company offers message of peace and harmony

The Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company (KCDC) had four sold-out performances at the Sydney Opera House. What a thrill to be able to attend a performance, see these remarkably talented dancers