After the UN Vote


If Queen Elizabeth was invited to the UN on the honor of her memorable birthday and then US Congress invited her to speak at a special session, would anyone complain? In fact, I think the majority of the Senators would be in attendance too.

If German Chancellor Merkel were attending a Smithsonian event that featured great German artists and musicians and being that she was in town several members of the Congress and Senate invited her to speak on how Germany “deals with influx of refugees and how to improve the system of vetting,” would President Obama yell at those who invited her or praise them for having such a wonderful idea?

If President Park Geun-hye of the Republic of Korea were invited to a military Gala 60 honoring those who fought bravely for both our nations and was then invited to speak at Congress, would Obama have stayed in his office sulking?

If Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper were invited to speak at the AIPAC Conference because of his strong support of Israel and then invited to address Congress and Senate, would Obama be whining to Michelle?

There is no doubt that Obama would never be so distraught about making the best of any of these opportunities.

If Pope Benedict XVI wanted to come to Congress and Senate to bless the Chambers our elected officials spend so much time in, chances are even Obama would be present. Even if the Pope then began to address the group about: “the values we are setting for our children”, “what we are teaching about the sanctity of marriage,” “how can children as young as 3 knows that they are not the sex G-d birthed them to be,” it is doubtful anyone would tell the Pope to get lost and shuffle him out through the kitchen.

So why is it that when PM Netanyahu is traveling to DC for the annual AIPAC Conference, trouble brews? Then some Congressmen had the audacity to invite Bibi to speak to Congress, further infuriating Obama.

Suddenly people are saying how it is a breach of protocol. Really? Like Obama never breaches protocol? He does not decide to sign on with the Iran Deal after both the Republican House and Democrat Senate said “no deal.”

Obama does not have Israel’s back. Bibi figured that out years ago. Their dislike is mutual, but the leader of a nation should not be acting like a spoiled juvenile.

Now as Syria is in the midst of a horrific civil war with terrorists, Obama puts even more sanctions on Israel. Boko Haram kidnapped several hundred teenage girls and although they just returned a few dozen, where are the rest? Good Christian girls forced into slavery and prostitution by Muslim men. What will their futures be like? Will any men in their tribe want to marry soiled women, and even if they fall in love will these girls ever be able to touched? Yet, Obama twists the knife into Israel even deeper.

Obama was not the only vote that mattered. Britain, France, Russia, China, Japan or Spain could have vetoed it. The Ukraine, Angola, Uruguay, Senegal, New Zealand and Egypt could have voted “nay.” Maybe we expect more from the nation based on Judeo-Christian rights, the country that says it stands for Democratic values. So then why vote against the only Democratic nation in the entire Mid-East?

To those of you, especially Jews, who continue to believe in Obama, I feel sorry for you. It seems you don’t know right from wrong. I am sure that at one time your parents taught you these lessons. Maybe by seeing only from your left eye you can no longer see even the middle let alone the right views.

I do know that any of our grandparents who lived through Russian pogroms and Nazi horrors often had “Shema Yisroel” on their lips as they were being beaten. People sang “Ani Maamin” as they walked into the gas chambers. Survivors dreamed of the Land of Israel, the Jewish homeland.

The UN granted us that land in 1947. It granted lands to the Palestinian Arabs in the area of TransJordan, but the Palestinian Aabs refused to accept that Partition Plan. The nation of Jordan was created on what should have been Palestinian Arab land. Instead, they want what is ours, what was ours 3000 years ago.

The day of the latest UN Security Council vote more ancient coins were found in Jerusalem. How is it that Maccabean coins were found just before the advent of Chanukah yet the UN members deny us our heritage?

Christmas should have been cancelled this year. After all, if the UN can deny Israel the areas of Judea, Samaria, the Golan, then it erases Jesus, his family and followers: Zippori, the Jewish town where Mary is said to have been born. Bethlehem, where it is said he was born, has already become an Arab Muslim village intolerant of Christian visitors on pilgrimages. Nazareth where Mary, Jesus and the rest of the family lived, was founded in 3CE; however, a synagogue fragment dates it to AD 300. There was certainly activity going on in Nazareth during the Bar Kochba revolt AD 132-135. Jesus was often referred to as the “Nazarene” because of where he came from. Now Jesus would not recognize the city where no Jews live; about 31% are Christians and 69% Muslims.

So Christmas, Jesus the Jew and the origins of Christianity will soon be erased from the Holy Land just like Hebrew scripture and life. It is certainly not as if Arab Muslims don’t have enough countries to tear apart; now they want ours.

Obama’s vote erased history and erased the United States pro-Israel stance. Now we need to erase Obama from our lives as quickly as possible before he erases peace and diplomacy and leads us into a Caliphate of Terror.

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