The International Women’s Group wants to decolonize Israel. Then again, when a Palestinian-American like Linda Sarsour is the voice most often heard, what can we expect? A voice that claims to speak for women everywhere yet speaks harshly about the only democracy in a region that exemplifies horror, Sarsour says that no one can be a feminist and a Zionist, at least not while Palestinians are being treated unfairly. When was the last time anyone heard of a Palestinian Arab woman being raped or tortured by an Israeli? In contrast, how often have we heard about Arab men abusing women?

If only every Jew had such a strong belief in Israel’s right… If only every Jew viewed Israel with the same rose-tinted lens that so many Arab Muslims use to look at their nations… In fact, if only more people, whether Jewish, Christian, Muslim or atheist, could see how Modern Israel has a right to exist on the lands of Ancient Israel… If only all too many took those blinders off…

B’nai Yisrael, the children of Israel, left enslavement in Egypt and traveled to the Promised Land. They settled in regions unoccupied and lay down roots. Unfortunately, these lands were conquered and occupied by other powers throughout history. However, there was a time when Israelite leaders ruled the Kingdoms of Israel and Judaea. Peruse the Jewish and/ or Christian Biblical Testaments and read about Jericho, Bethlehem, Tiberias and, of course, Jerusalem. In fact, read the Koran and learn how these towns were not yet inhabited by Arab Muslims.

B’nai Yisrael colonized these ancient lands after trekking through the Sinai Desert thousands of years ago. In fact, many, including those descended from the Priestly Kohen tribe, stem from these earliest peoples. A simple DNA test can prove our heritage. So how dare those like Linda Sarsour suggest we “decolonize” our homeland!

The English created colonies in Canada, Australia, India and, yes, even the USA. The British are not calling on any of these countries and people to “decolonize.” The French are not taking back Haiti or even Quebec. Other ancient civilizations like the Babylonians are no longer around to claim anything. The Ancient Romans are not even the Italians of today, so how can Palestinian sympathizers expect Jewish Israelites to give back Israel?

Surah 2, Chapter 5, Verse 40, recalls G-d’s Covenant with the Children of Israel. This is the promise Hashem made to bring B’nai Israel out of the land of bondage and give them Canaan, the land flowing with milk and honey. The Surah continues to mention the Children of Israel, Moses, Pharaoh and the splitting of the Sea. If the Koran can acknowledge our ancient claims, how can so many disclaim these facts now?

Surah 2, Chapter 31, Verse 2:243-253, mentions the courage of David, who disposed of the Philistines single handedly when he slew Goliath. If the Palestinians today are descended from ancient Philistines, they were disposed of thousands of years ago, even according to the sacred Koran. Even those who want to “decolonize” Israel are pushing the limits of what is their right if they want to go back in time before Muhammed.

Surah 28 recalls the life of Moses — how the Egyptian Pharaoh wanted to kill the Israelites but the infant Moses was saved by his sister, how he was adopted by a princess and suckled by his birth mother. Section 2 tells of the adult Moses who slays an Egyptian while saving a slave and then leaves the land of his birth. Moshe finds a home amongst strangers who offer him service and a future wife. It was while traveling with his new family that Hashem calls out from a burning bush not consumed. Where Moses had faith in Hashem, Pharaoh believed himself a god. This is why he and his followers were drowned at the sea.

This teaches us that those who believe themselves in too lofty a position, who don’t believe there are consequences for their actions, will suffer. This section of the Surah ends naming both Moses and Muhammad as Prophets. Even the Koran uses ancient Jewish texts as its sources, so why are there so many discounting our history today? Surah 28, Section 5, begins by saying how the tyranny of Pharaoh was the reason for the destruction of that period in time. Ancient Egypt was still powerful, but, generations later, the Koran writers called it corrupt. It was Moses, David and the Israelites seen in a positive light, whereas Egypt and Philistine perceived as the dark and negative forces that were justly conquered.

Hashem, Allah G-d are one and the same. It is He that gives us faith and reason. It is He that is guides us on a righteous path. The just path is not one where the greatest power threatens the smallest. Just as the young, small David slew the giant Goliath, we must learn to respect and honor those not as strong, more innocent. Modern Israel is surrounded by the great Arab league and, like our ancestor David, we deserve our birthright.

Look at a map of Ancient Canaan. See the path the Ancient Israelites traveled to reach the “land of milk and honey.” From Egypt across the Sinai, Modern Israel largely returned to Egypt in hopes for peace. The Hebrews walked into what is now Jordan, which is what was originally offered as a Palestinian nation in 1948 and refused, and even north to Syria before entering the Promised Land. There were no fences, but there were plenty of peoples ready and willing to fight the newest settlers.

Ancient Philistia, the lands conquered in the time of David are now within the Palestinian-Gaza region again. Somehow the West Bank was also “returned” even though Hashem our G-d, Allah, bequeathed the entire Canaan to B’nai Yisrael. The land once ruled by King David, where ancient Rabbis, Devorah and other Judges and even Jesus and his followers roamed should remain part of Modern Israel. Unless there are descendants of Hittites, Moabites, Midianites, Edomites and Phoenicians out there staking claims, there is no need to “decolonize” what is rightfully ours. If anyone does show up with a lease, let the person ask for lands in Syria, Lebanon or Jordan before demanding more of the tiny democratic nation surrounded by bullies.

Look at a map of the Middle East and ask yourself if Israel should have to give up any more acreage. Take a look and think of the daily news coverage of suicide bombings, mortar attacks, the lack of equality for women and children and then ask yourself if Israel is the undisciplined territory that deserves the wrath of G-d. If you get the opportunity, try to educate people like Linda Sarsour and tell them to read their Koran more carefully. There is hope that some will take the blinders off, because look at how pro-Israel, Gaza-born Nonie Darwish is. In fact, Nonie is more open-minded and insightful than all too many Jews.

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