Spring Cleaning – Importance of Carpet cleaning

This spring and summer learn the importance of cleaning your carpet with Dr. Carpet.

According to the delightful customer base of Dr. Carpet, we all love to decorate our homes. After all our homes are something that belongs to us, are representative of our lifestyle and comfort zone. We decorate it with all sorts of things from furniture to rugs and just about anything we can lay our hand upon that somehow suits our homely environment.
So shouldn’t your pretty palace be all nice, clean and beautiful?

Dr. Carpet says that people not only neglect house cleaning but simply just despise it to the extent of not doing it at all. A simple sweep on the floor is an easy task but seriously when homes are carpeted and have rugs lying around places, they require proper cleaning from time to time.

Therefore this summer season, don’t neglect your house cleaning or don’t just clean your house by performing the duly scheduled tasks of spring cleaning, instead get deep down to the roots of it by learning with Dr. Carpet that why cleaning your houses’ rugs and carpets is so important so that you never avoid it from now on.

1. Saves your time and money

Frequent carpet changing is something that is both expensive and requires a lot of time. Even if you hire a service to put down the rugs in your house even then there is some fee that you have to pay that adds up to the expenses of it. So in order to avoid frequent changing of the carpets and adding more to their shelf life just perform regular carpet cleaning. Manufacturers suggest any type of carpet cleaning whether vacuum or use of chemical agents but to take care of your carpet, cleaning is a must.

2. Don’t let the dust sit

Regular carpet cleaning allows you to never let the dust stay in the small fibers of your rug and carpet. Dust is a huge contributor to allergies and an easy way of spreading germs so carpet cleaning is a great way to keep those germs away!

3. Prevents molds and fungus

The material used in making carpets and rugs is usually a good conductor of mold and fungal growth. People living in areas that observe two to three month winters would agree with me because the humidity of the climate gives way to fungal contamination. Carpet cleaning helps in stopping the formation of molds that might potentially lead to allergies and skin infections.

4. Keep the creepy crawlies away

Just as I mentioned above that carpets trap dust and it may give way to germ growth, similarly these dirt particles are inviting to insects such as bugs and beetles. This may lead to damaging your carpet fibers as the insect eats it up and can even cause an embarrassing foul smell in your house. So carpet cleaning is essential to keep those creepy crawlies away!

5. Great maintenance

Carpet cleaning maintains the form of your carpet. The wear and tear of the fibers and constant gathering of dust give the carpet an old look with a bad feel to it. However, when you observe regular carpet cleaning it gives those fibers a fresh new look and feel.

So summing it up, above were some of the reasons that may have acknowledged you the importance of carpet cleaning. And I Hope you will give Dr. Carpet a call to come and tend to your Orange County carpet cleaning needs.

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