Bullets & Bagels

Bullets & Bagels continues to be a social gathering for like-minded people. It is not just about sharing views on Constitutional Rights but sharing the belief that education is the key. Fred Kogen, president and founder, not only supplies a kosher breakfast spread but the opportunity to hear from many engaging speakers. These are all major reasons why the club now has about 150 members and continues to grow every time there is a SoCal event. Felix Rabinovich has graciously offered to help make the new LA-Valley Chapter as popular as the original Orange County one.

Group educates people about weapons, laws and more.

On Sunday May 15 Bullets & Bagels attendees heard from the Cannae Progear founder and CEO, Robert Hollander.  Their “battle ready professional gear” is not just for warriors and tactile operators but anyone looking for sturdy, rugged equipment. Cannae products include outerwear, hats, shirts as well as backpacks and duffel bags. Their challenge is to make top quality items at comparatively reasonable prices and they seem to have succeeded. Check out www.cannaeprogear.com and support a local company.

Bullets & Bagels is not just for the “middle-aged,” as it can be a wonderful family outing. Twelve-year-old Ross Yesharim has been attending with his father Ronin. Ross enjoys the father-son time a lot but does admit he is hoping to get his own weapon for his Bar Mitzvah. At another event 100-year-old Shirley Groner joined her son and daughter-in-law and said she had never even held a gun before, but it was an amazing experience. Talk about checking off items on the To-Do Bucket List.

Stephen Fredrick filled us in on a very important ballot initiative. Gavin Newsom’s “Safety for All” bill is an attack on an individual’s Right to Bear Arms. Newsom claims the law will keep citizens safe from terrorist attacks. Newsom believes that by forcing individuals to surrender their legally owned weapons and by limiting the purchase of ammunition, our streets will be safer. Will any law actually keep weapons out of terrorists’ hands? Would Newsom’s Bill stop another San Bernardino type attack? Newsom’s Nonsense will only limit law-abiding citizens from protecting what is rightfully theirs. Join the Coalition for Civil Liberties, local peace officers, the NRA and clubs like Bullets & Bagels and sign the petition @ www.stoptheammograb.com

We know that smoking causes cancer, that even second-hand smoke is dangerous, but tobacco is not outlawed. California may have more non-smoking areas than other states, but individuals are still permitted to smoke. In fact, marijuana is now legal as well and even if only for medical purposes, it is not too difficult to get a supply. So why are so many against those who legally possess weapons and ammunition? Instructors like Carla show Bullets & Bagels attendees how to properly handle weapons. Instructors are in the range showing everyone proper etiquette. Who teaches teens how to smoke a cigarette? (Of course we know our politicians “never inhale.”)

What about alcohol and other drugs? How many people die yearly because of an overdose? How many car accidents occur because a driver is intoxicated? Over the past few years more than 20 people have died and nearly 500 were injured in DUI collisions in Orange County alone. Every year more than 10,000 people in the U.S. lose their lives because someone inebriated gets behind the wheel. Although there are laws against it how often do you drive after having a few drinks? Then there are the Bruce-Caitlyn Jenners of society that have not one but several car accidents, injure individuals, and have no conviction record! On the other hand, how many have lost their lives to a private citizen who legally owns a firearm?

We allow our children to ride bicycles and skateboards without a helmet, thereby violating the law. We allow our children to learn martial arts which are supposed to teach safe practices but can be deadly. We take up kickboxing which can also easily harm an assailant. So instead of outlawing guns, why not do more to enforce tactical training? That is the best way to protect our civil liberties and ensure a safer society.

Don’t knock it until you try it. Join the group at its next event:

Sunday, June 19
7:30-10 AM

Firing Line
18348 Eddy Street
Northridge, CA 91324

Let your voice be heard!

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