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Friends Don’t Let Friends Shop Retail


Many of us enjoy going to the mall, walking around, looking at all the new things to buy; where as many people just want to get in and out as fast as possible because the idea of being in the mall is overwhelming and unpleasant. Especially around this time of year, when everyone is holiday shopping. Thankfully there are many sales happening and retailers are trying to move winter items out to make room for the new spring merchandise.

I am going to give you some tips on how to easily maneuver around these stores so shopping can become a little easier this year all while saving you some money!

Tip 1: Just because it is on sale doesn’t mean you should buy it!

When shopping, ask yourself if the item is something you must have, will work with your current wardrobe, does it fit you well, is it in a color that works with your skin tone, and is it a style that will last a few seasons? What material is the garment made out of? Try taking the price of the item and divided it by the amount of times you think you will wear it. This will give you the price per wear – helping you decide if the price point of that item is worth the amount of times you will wear it.

Tip 2: Think before you buy… Be patient with yourself!

Clients of mine always say thank you so much for being patient and helping me think through the items. Normally my clients would just buy the clothes, take them home and never wear them. They impulse shop, or just buy out of necessity but the item itself doesn’t really work.

Rather take a minute and ask yourself, is this something I really need to own? Does it look fabulous on me and will I be happy to wear it over and over again?

Tip 3: A brand-name does not mean good quality or a good price!

Many people get stuck on purchasing specific brands believing that the quality of the item is worth the price. Also, some people believe certain stores only carry cheap quality items where as these assumptions are not always correct. Stores like Marshals, TJ Maxx, Forever 21, and Macys are all stores where you can find both high-end and low-end items that will carry quality merchandise. It does depend on the items that you are choosing, however, when I take my clients shopping many of them are surprised at the items that I find and at the quality and good price point of the merchandise that I choose. Sometimes it takes a little patience to look for the gems.

Tip 4: Ask about discounts!

Stores like Macy’s, many times have sales, or send their customers coupons. I always ask at the register if there’s any extra coupons that can be used and many times depending on the brand or the current sale I am able to get an extra discount. Many retailers are now sending coupons to people via email as well as online bloggers with affiliate codes help you save some extra money.

Tip 5: Know when each item is on sale!!

Retailers mark down specific items during specific months!

Here is a list to help you be a savvier shopper:

January – Best time to buy Suits
Many retailers markdown suits during this time of year often because businesses are looking to hire new employees.

February – Buy Jewelry
Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and even if you don’t have that special someone, jewelry stores are marking down some amazing pieces. So whether it’s for that special someone in your life or just yourself this is a great time to purchase a pretty piece of jewelry.

March – Luggage and travel items
As spring break, for many, starts in March, this is the time when we see people going on vacation, taking trips, and retailers know that we need new luggage for our adventures. Take advantage!

April – Raincoats
April showers bring may flowers as many people say. Depending on where you live or raincoat would be a great item for your wardrobe and this is definitely the time to purchase one!

April/May – Thrift & Consignment stores
As people are a spring cleaning, many go through their wardrobes, clearing out items, making it a primetime to shop at thrift and consignment stores. Especially if you enjoy searching for interesting and cool pieces to add to your wardrobe.

May – Athletic apparel
As May starts to heat up, people get into the mood to exercise outside and want to look their best while doing it! Take advantage of them are down and get some nice pieces to wear which will motivate you more to work out and look and feel your best!

July/Aug – Summer apparel
Summer clothes are my favorite to purchase. In July and August sales are in full swing. This is the best time to purchase items like dresses, sandals, shorts and other summer apparel.

Tip: sale stock will be more plentiful in July but come August the discounts will be steeper!

August – Swimsuits
Stores want to clear out their summer leftovers to make room for the new fall items. Retailers have also started to bring in swimsuits during December due to people vacationing in warmer places; so sometimes January is also a good time to purchase swimsuits on sale.

September – Sunglasses
Go get that pair of sunglasses you wanted now that it’s on sale! With daylight savings around the corner retailer start to markdown their higher priced styles before winter sets in.

October – Denim
Everyone likes to wear denim… especially when it’s on sale! After the back-to-school rush has died down, retailers cut prices to move merchandise and this is a great time to grab that designer pair jeans you want!

November – Luxury items
Back Friday and Cyber Monday promotions begin and this is an ideal time to treat yourself to luxury pieces such as cashmere sweaters, leather goods, and other high-end items. Many of these items only go on sale during this time of year where as they normally would be full price.

November – Luxury loungewear and pajamas
Temperatures drop and many people tend to spend more time inside their home lounging around. This is a great time to purchase luxury loungewear to wear during these colder months. While still being comfortable and looking stylish!

November – Sneakers
With snow and rain in many places, retailers need to make room for the shipments of boots and a winter shoes. So grab that pair of sneakers you want to wear on warmer days while they’re on sale!

December – Outerwear
With winter season under way, retailers want to help you look your best in a new winter coat! After the holidays, retailers need to clear the inventory to accommodate the new spring collection that will hit stores shortly after the holidays.

If you have any questions or need further assistance on how to purchase items for the best price, especially during a sale, I would love to hear from you!

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